Modern Greek Studies

Past Course Offerings

Modern Greek Language instruction has been offered since before 1995. By the spring of 1996, a second semester course in Modern Greek was being offered. Currently, six semesters of Modern Greek language instruction are offered.

Past Course Offerings in Literature

  • Ancient Greek Myth in Modern Poetry. (Georgia Gotsi, Comparative Literature)
  • Cavafy's Poets and the Poets' Cavafy (Georgia Gotsi, Comparative Literature)
  • Modern Greek Poets (Georgia Gotsi, Comparative Literature)
  • Mediterranean Cultures: Insiders and Outsiders, 1997 (Georgia Gotsi, Comparative Literature, and Anthony Molho, History)
  • Dangerous Encounters - Mediterranean Fiction in Narrative and Film (Georgia Gotsi, Comparative Literature)
  • Greek Poetry, 1880-1980 (Georgia Gotsi, Comparative Literature)
  • Greek Fiction, 1880-1980 (Georgia Gotsi, Comparative Literature)
  • Odysseus Across the Centuries (Peter Bien, Comparative Literature; Marinos Pourgouris, Comparative Literature)
  • Myth in Modern Greek and World Literature (Marinos Pourgouris, Comparative Literature)
  • Greek Modernism in Context (Marinos Pourgouris, Comparative Literature)
  • Greek Balkan Cinema: Shooting War and Conflict and Identity (Marinos Pourgouris, Comparative Literature)
  • The World of Byzantium (Eustratios Papaioannou, Classics)
  • Early Byzantine Literature (Eustratios Papaioannou, Classics)

Past Course Offerings in History

  • Identities and Communities in the Mediterranean World (Anthony Molho, History)
  • Becoming National: History, Identity and Politics in Europe and the Balkans, 1999 (Effie Gazi, Department of History, Brown University, and the University of Crete)
  • Continuity and Change in the Nineteenth-Century Balkans: The Case of Greece, 1998 (George Vassiadis, Department of History, Brown University, and Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, King's College, London)
  • Continuity and Change in the Nineteenth Century Balkans: The Case of Greece (Dr. Maria Stassinopoulou, Department of History, Brown University, and Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, University of Vienna)
  • Occupation, Resistance and Collaboration: The Balkans During the Second World War, 1939-1945 (Dimitris Livanios, History)
  • A Shadow-Land of Mystery: The Balkans in The European and American Imagination, c1800-1950 (Dimitris Livanios, History)
  • From Belgrade to Dayton Via Athens: Introduction to Modern Balkan History (Dimitris Livanios, History)
  • The Balkans in International Relations (Dimitris Livanios, History)
  • From Dracula to Milosevic: Religion, Violence and the Question of Nationalism in the Balkans (Dimitris Livanios, History)