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Modern Greek Studies offers a variety of courses each semester. Faculty members affiliated with the program regularly organize successful lectures, colloquia and conferences on themes pertaining to Modern Greek Studies.

A Growing Academic Hub

In recent years, Brown has been able to enhance considerably its holdings of library materials related to Modern Greek Studies. In collaboration with the Rockefeller Library at Brown University and thanks to assistance received from the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, the University Library has been enriched by the addition of several hundred volumes devoted to all aspects of Modern Greek history and culture. It is anticipated that this enrichment program will be continued in the coming years with the addition of microfilmed editions of several nineteenth century newspapers and journals.

The study of Modern Greek language can be enhanced further through the university’s Languages Across Campus program. This program, established in 1990, integrates the advanced study of foreign language with other academic disciplines, particularly the social sciences. By synthesizing advanced language study with other disciplines, the program provides students and teachers the opportunity to build new intellectual links across the curriculum to enrich teaching and research. If an appropriate number of students and instructors in Modern Greek Studies are available and interested, they will be encouraged to take advantage of this program.

In the years following its creation, Brown’s Program in Modern Greek Studies has made significant progress. Students are now able to choose from a number of excellent courses on modern Greece, taught by brilliant young scholars. Instruction in modern Greek language is guaranteed beyond the third year. A steady offering of high quality, extra-curricular lectures and seminars are regularly attended by interested and engaged audiences comprised of members of the Brown community and the surrounding Rhode Island community.

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